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San Francisco in’boiling point’ More than tech homeless

May 8, 2019

by Wayne Parker : fidaily – excerpt

San Francisco waterfront hosts joggers, admiring tourists and towering condos with remarkable views. It might also become the site of a new shelter for as many as 200 people.

Angry residents have crowded public meetings, even yelling down Mayor London Breed within the proposition as well as jeering at city officials. They say they have been blindsided and assert tech executives that support the notion should lobby city officials to build a shelter by their houses and billionaire Twitter executive Jack Dorsey…

“We are definitely at the boiling point, whether it’s the home crisis, whether it’s wellbeing, that can be exacerbated with the worst traffic congestion in America, or the affordability crisis,” said Supervisor Aaron Peskin… (more)

So dear residents and citizens of San Francisco, we have admissions from all over that our fair city is in a crisis. What are we going to do about it? What should our city leaders do about it? Will building more housing get us out of this crisis as Senator Wiener and London Breed seem to think, or is there a more simple less costly solution that can calm these angry waters we are swimming in? We are looking at some bad ideas coming out of Washington and Sacramento that many of us find appalling. A iot of people are throwing in the towel and leaving, but. what can we do if we stay?

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