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Something is rotten in filthy rich San Francisco

May 24, 2019

By Karen Heller : stuff – excerpt (includes KPIX video)

A Tuesday afternoon in the Mission District of America’s tech wonderland.

Michael Feno stands outside Lucca Ravioli, his beloved pasta emporium on Valencia, a vestige of old San Francisco, puffing on a cigar while posing for pictures, his customers in tears.

Living in this city’s radically shifting landscape, veterinarian Gina Henriksen found comfort by telling herself, “Thank God, Lucca is still here. If Lucca goes, I’m going to have to leave San Francisco. What do we have left?”…

No longer. In a time of scarce consensus, everyone agrees that something has rotted in San Francisco…(more)

Lucca is gone now, and the legendary Punchline comedy club is threatened with eviction. Some salient last-minute efforts to preserve it are underway, but, there may be no hope for salvation in this land of riches that is being sold piece by piece to the highest bidding carpet bagger . There is not much left to see in one of the former cultural centers of America. No blooming artists or musicians, and very few

According to the KPIX report, “The tech share of the city economy has trippled since 2008. It is now 13% of all private sector jobs, and 24% of all private sector wages.” There is a proposal to increase the payroll tax that was rolled back to encourage tech investments in San Francisco.

It appears that our capitalistic system that is so good at increasing the wealth for wealthy people by “growing the economy” through inflationary valuations , is not very good at spreading the wealth evenly. In the best of worlds, those in government would figure out some legislative means to correct the imbalance without the need for radical actions on the part of citizens.

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