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San Francisco isn’t dying, but it is at a crossroads

June 14, 2019

Opinion : sfexaminer – excerpt

If you have an hour to spare I highly recommend a YouTube video called “Seattle is Dying.” It asks the question “What if Seattle is dying and we don’t even know it?” It is about people who are compassionate but no longer feel safe in their city, no longer feel they are being heard. It is about lost souls who wander the streets with no home or reality chasing a drug that, in turn, chases them. It is about the damage they instill on themselves and the fabric of their city. Property crimes are out of control. This story is about a beautiful jewel that was violated and in current crisis. Sound familiar?…

A concerned resident said Seattle is a different place from the one he grew up in. It is one of the most beautiful regions but looks like sh—. He started a Facebook site called, “Seattle Looks Like Sh—.” It’s not meant to be funny, it’s meant to be sad.

There is a disconnect between Seattle officials and the frustrations of residents and businesses. It’s not legal to live on sidewalks but is allowed. Seattle ranked second per capita in property crimes in our nation in 2017. Only one city was higher — San Francisco.…

In December, I proposed a resolution to tackle our crisis by providing a small portion of the Candlestick Park site for a larger navigation complex, and a temporary parking lot for 500 RV’s to offer respite from life on the street and providing room and board while case managers work to connect them to relatives, income, public benefits, health services, shelter and housing. This would result in a higher quality of life in our city by providing safer and cleaner streets, and substantially reduce the costs of City services.

Is San Francisco Dying? No. Our city has come to that proverbial fork in the road and we are in crisis mode. I have seen changes over the years, but nothing like it is now. It is time for all of us to look at the problem straight on. The future of our city and posterity depends on it.

John Farrell is a broker/realtor with Farrell Real Estate and a former assistant assessor. He can be reached at farrellreinvestments… (more)

What a coincidence. I suggested something similar. Establish a place for people to park and be instead of forcing them to move constantly. It seems as though SF authorities are still prioritizing jobs, jobs, jobs, and build, build, build, and grow, grow, grow, while many people are ready to change the tune. Nothing gets done without a lot of studies and a lot of profits for contractors. If it is free, we can’t afford it. Can we stop growing long enough to repair the damage brought on by too much too soon ?

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