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Wiener quietly turns barber bill into major housing legislation

June 18, 2019

By Hydee Feldstein : 48hills – excerpt

Gut-and-amend strategy puts a version of SB 50 on the legislative fast track.

State Sen. Scott Wiener, as predicted here, has taken an uncontroversial bill about cosmetology licenses and turned it into a complex and detailed piece of housing legislation that would undermine a long list of local controls over residential development.

It’s happening in Sacramento at the same time that Mayor London Breed is trying to override neighborhood input into affordable housing projects – and getting little progressive support.

A “gut and amend” technically may be legal but it is not necessarily good governance.

SB 592 is such a bill. It was introduced by Senator Wiener on February 22, 2019 as a simple amendment to the Health & Safety Code to extend the due date by which the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) has to deliver its annual report from December 31 to June 30. Not a controversial bill or even one likely to awaken any public interest, but because the term “housing” appeared in the bill, SB 592 was still a bill that found its way onto at least a few radar screens for tracking…

The 2019 legislative package is an effort to roll back the requirements for inclusionary affordable housing (by way of retroactive application in SB 330 and other bills) and to trample all over the local controls, the safety, habitat, conservation, historic preservation, and other interests and elements of good planning that were taken into account though weakened in the 2017 compromise legislation.(more)

SB592 has been described as “gut and amend” and “gut and replace”. Thanks to the the author for explaining that process. We look forward to more opposition on this rather overbearing bill as it becomes better known.

According to Ruiz-Cornejo, “Wiener opted to float the clarifications [of he housing Accountability Act] by amending an existing proposal because the deadline to propose new legislation has already passed.”

All Wiener housing bills have one thing in common, they seek to remove local jurisdiction for zoning and planning decisions, by imposing state standards on them that inflate the value of real estate. Wiener is a one-man band for inflationary growth and prosperity for land owners, to the detriment of everyone else.


Sen. Scott Wiener seeks state housing law amendments

Lawmaker guts and amends proposal with housing changes; not a new SB 50 try

: sfdailyjournal – excerpt… (more)

More Comments by Hydee Feldstein SB592:

SB 592 does all the following:

Deletes the “neighborhood commercial” definition and allows all “residential and nonresidential” mixed use projects in all residential zones — THAT IS ZONING.

Allow shelters and transitional housing in all residential zones. THAT IS ZONING.

Adds single family houses AND prohibits regulation of the number of bedrooms to the “no limits on density” mantra. THAT IS ZONING

GETS RID OF ALL ZONING STATEWIDE BY MAKING ALL DISCRETIONARY ACTIONS “BY RIGHT”. “(B) For purposes of this section, a general plan, zoning, or subdivision standard or criterion is not “applicable” if its applicability to a housing development project is discretionary or if the project could be approved without the standard or criterion being met.” THAT IS ZONING

And so Scott Wiener joins Donald Trump in the mistaken belief that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it true. Let’s prove them both wrong. We are not the sheeple they take us for.

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