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Sunday night owls open thread: Poll shows Green New Deal more popular than carbon tax

June 23, 2019

By Meteor Blades : dailykos – excerpt

Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic writes—It’s Younger and Cooler Than a Carbon Tax. The Green New Deal is surprisingly popular:

A new poll, provided exclusively to The Atlantic, suggests that Americans may prefer a Green New Deal–style policy of climate-targeted investment and regulation to a revenue-neutral carbon tax. It’s one of several shifts, underscored by the events of the past month, that suggest a grim future for the once-optimistic plan. […]

Meanwhile, Democratic interest in a carbon-tax scheme has also faded. The party’s young progressive leaders have become more interested in an investment-involved Green New Deal package. Only one Democratic presidential candidate, John Delany, has included a carbon tax in his climate proposal, while others—including Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden—have endorsed investment plans…(more)

Investing in shifting the economy away from the current focus on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy appears to be a more direct method and solve more problems than the carbon tax program. After a number of years of using the carbon tax program, what are the results? How much carbon have we cut? In spite of the high employment numbers we keep hearing about, many large corporations are preparing to cut their workforce and replace people with machines. See the related article blow.


Automation and robotics are bigger threats to American jobs than outsourcing

Boston Dynamics is a company that develops robotics for commercial and military applications. The company is probably best known by the general public for the videos it produces to show off its products.

Recently, a parody of Boston Dynamics’ videos was released and, as of this writing, has over 6.4 million views on YouTube. It shows a robot being subjected to abuse by humans; the robot becomes aware; the robot gets sick of humanity’s shit; and the robot strikes back. Just like a thousand sci-fi stories published over the years…(more)

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