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The stunning corruption that shows why supporters are pushing a Dark Money initiative

July 16, 2019

by Tim Redmond :48hills – excerpt

Real-estate developers have found ways around the existing laws and poured vast sums into local campaigns.

The Board of Supes Rules Committee heard today why the city needs to seriously upgrade its campaign-finance disclosure laws in an era when dark money increasingly controls politics.

The hearing was a pro-forma discussion on a ballot measure that’s heading to the voters in November. But the information presented to the committee provides some context for why the city needs new rules on political donations.

As Sup. Hillary Ronen, who chairs the committee, pointed out, it’s illegal for someone who is seeking a city contract to give money to the people who could approve that contract – but it’s not illegal for a real-estate developer to give money to the officials who can make land-use decisions…(more)

As we are all learning, the only laws that our government seems to be capable of enforcing are the rubber-stamp administrative chores. The removal of due process and the appeals process where administrative law is concerned is being carried out by both our state and federal governments, who are acting as if they don’t agree on anything. It is clear that the one thing they do agree on is that the public doesn’t need to know or determine how our cities will be developed or who will pay for the improvements necessary to expand the urban envelope.

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