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California tax revenue is soaring

August 23, 2019

By Dan Walters : CalMatters – excerpt

It’s the good news that California’s political establishment—Democratic politicians and their allies in public-employee labor unions—prefer not to acknowledge.

The official line from the establishment is that California’s schools, local governments and state programs are being financially starved.

The drumbeat of impoverishment is clearly aimed at persuading Californians, particularly voters, that vital services can be rescued from imminent collapse only by raising taxes.

One such tax increase—making it easier to levy property taxes on commercial land and buildings—is already on the 2020 ballot. Another—raising income taxes again on those at the top of the economic ladder—is being drafted by education groups.

Hundreds of local tax increases, sales taxes mostly, have been placed before voters in the past couple of election cycles, and more are being planned for 2020.

However, the reality is at odds with the propaganda.

California state and local coffers are bulging with additional revenue, thanks largely to a still-vibrant economy… (more)

Time to say enough already. NO MORE TAXES!

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