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August 26, 2019

By Richard Coleman : capoliticalreview – excerpt

The president is unpopular. He cannot go anywhere without attracting hoards of demonstrators. The nation is sharply divided. There is war without end. The stock market is erratic.

Is this America in 2019? No. This is America in 1968, one of the worst single years in American history.

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, was presiding over an unpopular war in Vietnam. Over 500,000 troops were fighting in Vietnam. There was no end in sight to the war. The only safe places in America that the president could visit were military bases. Violent crime was rampant. There was unrest on many university campuses.

In 1968, the American economy was prosperous. Unemployment and inflation were low. But the Vietnam War dragged on.

In 2019, the economy has been strong. Unemployment is low. But many Americans are dissatisfied. Prices for homes are, in many cities, not affordable. The middle class seems dissatisfied.

In 2019, and presumably in 2020, President Donald Trump is facing similar problems to those faced by Johnson in 1968…

At his acceptance speech Nixon said:… “When a nation that has been known for a century of opportunity is torn by unprecedented racial violence; and when a president of the United States cannot travel abroad or to any major city at home without fear of a hostile demonstration — then it’s time for new leadership for the United States of America.”…The time for us to leave the valley of despair and climb the mountain so that we may see the glory of the dawn — anew day for America, and a new dawn for peace and freedom in the world.”…

The elections of 1968 and 2020 will not be identical. But, in both elections, there was and will be bitter division in the nation.

Nixon’s 1968 acceptance speech is really a gift to the 2020 Democratic nominee for president. If that nominee, whoever he or she is, promises to bring the nation together, then President Trump could face a difficult, and perhaps unsuccessful, campaign for re-election…

All that Trump’s Democratic opponent has to do in 2020 is to echo Nixon’s promise of 1968: Bring Americans together.

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