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L.A. Launches ‘Skid Row Clean Team,’ Homeless Paid $15 An Hour To Pick Up Trash

September 1, 2019

By Jeffery Cawood : dailywire – excerpt
Mayor Eric Garcetti: “Every un-housed Angeleno deserves the help that they need to get off the streets.”

Los Angeles recently launched an initiative intended to improve public health, empower the destitute, and advance sanitation efforts in the epicenter of the city’s homeless crisis: Skid Row.

On Monday, Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the formation of the Skid Row Clean Team — a new street cleaning program targeting the roughly 54-block area best known for rat-infested piles of garbage, a typhus outbreak, and sidewalks lined with tent encampments. He said the new project currently employs “about two dozen” homeless and formerly homeless individuals to help pick up the trash in their neighborhood.

Garcetti maintained that the team members are all determined to make a better life for themselves, adding, the endeavor is “just as much about cleaning the streets as it is about lifting up the people who live on them.”… (more)

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