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Will the taxpayers bail out the Millennium Tower developer?

September 6, 2019

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

It appears that a big part of the settlement deal over the Leaning Tower of Soma will involve public money.

In all the talk of the pending settlement of the lawsuits over the Great Leaning Tower of Soma, a key fact has been largely buried:

It appears that a significant part of the large sum of money that will pay to fix the building and compensate the wealthy condo owners for their loss of value will come from the taxpayers…

Nobody is talking, because the settlement isn’t final yet. But lawyers for the condo owners have told both the Chron and the Guardian that the Transbay Joint Powers Authority – a public agency, funded with public money – will pay a good portion of the more than $100 million settlement.… (more)

Are the Uber/Lyft taxes going to be used to pay down the TJP debt?  Taxpayers should demand someone to blame for this if they get the bill.

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