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Haney seeks big increase in developer fees for housing

September 16, 2019

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Planners and developers freaking out over proposal to make offices pay more of the cost of the housing impacts they create.

The Planning Commission will consider Thursday/19 a plan that would dramatically raise the amount office developers are required to pay to offset the housing demand they create.

The proposal, by Sup. Matt Haney, would hike the fee from $28.57 a square foot to $69.60 a square foot. That could generate as much money for affordable housing over the next ten years as the mayor’s proposed $600 million housing bond.

It has also set off a major political battle that so far has received little news media attention. The developers are freaking out; the Planning Department is trying to derail the proposal.

The debate over this proposal will also force local officials, from the mayor to the supes to the planning commissioners, and legions of local activists, to take a clear stand:

Are they in favor of affordable housing – and making office developers pay for it? Or are they willing to let the office developers reap big profits while they make the housing crisis worse?…(more)

Thanks to Tim for putting out the news that is not making it on the media circuit. It’s what I call between the lines media. This is the problem that the public should know about and weigh in on. This is not a decision for bureaucrats to make in the dark. We need to spread this news.


Behind the big money influencing City Hall

Who is surprised that the developers are buying our city on the cheap by convincing the voters to elect their supporters?


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