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Why we want to stop SB 330 and what you can do about it

September 17, 2019

Council Approves Madison Avenue Project after ‘Drastic’ Changes
Developer ‘works with community’ to adapt 72,000 square-foot, mixed-use project

By EDDIE RIVERA, Community Editor


The important this to note is the following:

A host of previously-opposed residents spoke in favor of the project with the new changes, including Sue Mossman, executive director of Pasadena Heritage, who said that the changes were “acceptable,” though they still disagreed with some aspects of the project…

The approval comes as a flurry of new State housing laws will soon begin to affect the City’s right to control its zoning over the next ten years.

“This could all change in two weeks,” said Mayor Terry Tornek… (more)

This is where you come in. If you care about stopping SB 330 and keeping your right to improve projects through the appeal projects, call the Governor and ask him not to sign SB 330.

Please urge Governor Newsom
NOT TO SIGN bills SB 330.
The bill does not include affordable housing!

It essentially does away with the Discretionary Review Process (DRs) in San Francisco by limiting the Planning Commission’s ability
to take DRs and alter/change/disapprove projects.
Therefore, you will have no say on what is being built next door to you!

Contact Gavin Newsom IMMEDIATELY:

Learn more – see below
Take Action – see below

Phone: (916) 445-2841

We need your help to flood Newsom’s office stating your opposition to these bills.


SF neighborhoods are all in this together!

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