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In Dallas, a high-rise built for homesharing hints at hospitality’s future

October 17, 2019

By Patrick Sisson : curbed – excerpt

Sonder, a homesharing startup, plans a ground-up, 270-unit building in the city’s Arts District

Sonder, a hospitality company that offers a hybrid hotel-Airbnb experience in 30 cities around the world, announced the proposed construction of a new 270-unit building in Dallas’s Arts District, its largest property yet and a sign of larger shifts within the hospitality industry…

Valued at more than $1 billion, Sonder is a San Francisco-based startup that has signed more than 9,500 units to its platform, which specializes in serviced apartments licensed to run as a hotel. In the United States, it operates in 18 cities, including New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Sonder considers itself a “tech-enabled hospitality company,” and refurbishes and outfits residential buildings with its own custom technology to rent out on its own platforms and others sites such as Airbnb…(more)

Upzoning will fail to support a healthy diverse population with adequate affordable housing until there is a major shakeup in the economy or nature creates a diversion. Once you allow greed and corruption to take over a society it is hard to stop. The corporate chameleon is hard to pin down.

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