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Huntington Beach denies it is ‘anti-housing’ after group sues over rejection of 48-unit project

October 30, 2019

By City News Service : latimes – excerpt

YIMBY nonprofit files Housing Accountability Act suit against Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach’s city attorney is disputing a nonprofit organization’s claims in a lawsuit alleging that the city rejected a 48-unit residential project planned for Ellis Avenue because of complaints by nearby residents, even though the proposal complied with zoning laws.

Californians for Homeownership said the lawsuit, filed Monday, is its first under the state’s Housing Accountability Act, also known as the anti-NIMBY law, referring to the acronym for “Not in my backyard.” The law is designed to prevent cities from denying housing projects that comply with zoning rules.

“Huntington Beach put the anti-housing views of its residents over the region’s urgent need for more housing, rejecting a project that would have helped 48 families realize their dreams of California homeownership,” said Californians for Homeownership President Jared Martin.

“Cities like Huntington Beach need to understand that there are consequences for violating state housing law.”

City Attorney Michael Gates said the lawsuit “mischaracterizes Huntington Beach” as being opposed to affordable housing.

“The city’s decision to decline or deny the 48-unit project had nothing to do with the anti-NIMBY act,” Gates said. “The decision was made by the council because it was a very tall project in a very small space and based on public health and safety, including emergency access and other related issues.”…(more)

This is the first case in which the new laws removing city authority are being contested in court. If you care about the state of the state you should read the entire article and note the state bills that are being used against the city of Huntington Beach. This is the new method of forcing development where it is not wanted, and forcing the highest density. it should be noted that this approach is not limited to California. There is a national effort to up-zone properties to inflate land values. This article describes the process and the legal path to disruption of the norm.

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