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Proposed San Bruno Avenue Development Draws Opposition

December 23, 2019

By Michael Iacuessa : potrerooiew – excerpt

A family that’s owned land for four generations at the southern tip of San Bruno Avenue wants to build a seven-story housing development utilizing the state Density Bonus Law to gain exemption from City height limitations. Early indications are that neighborhood opposition to the project will be fierce.

San Francisco’s zoning restricts structure heights on the parcel, at 1458 San Bruno Avenue, to 40 feet; the current industrial building on the site is just 15. The Density Bonus allows developers to circumvent local limits, by increasing density by 35 percent and including affordable housing. Under the proposed project 23 of 205 housing units – 122 studios and 83 two-bedrooms – would be reasonably priced. In exchange, the family wants to be allowed to construct two buildings, one six-stories, the other seven, leveling off at 70 feet…

If the development goes through, according to Mary Beth Pudup, volunteer coordinator of the garden, “It will destroy this very precious place. It’s not just about the light. The sun heats the soil. We will lose light and heat.” Pudup was unable to identify any other San Francisco developments utilizing the State Density Bonus Law that impacted both a public park and an open space similar to the garden…

Neighbors are also concerned about parking, and traffic congestion caused by a large jump in the block’s population. Goode, for personal environmental reasons, has chosen to omit parking from the proposed project.

The amount of affordable housing is also likely to be debated. According to the PPA, 12 percent of affordable units will be at 55 percent of the area median income (AMI) and eight percent at 80 percent AMI, which meets City Planning Code requirements. The AMI for San Francisco is currently $96,000 a year. Several people at the meeting stated that many longtime Mission residents don’t make that kind of money…(more)

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