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Inside Game: California YIMBY, Scott Wiener, and Big Tech’s Troubling Housing Push

January 15, 2020

By Patrick Range McDonald : housinghumanright – excerpt

Housing Is A Human Right has released today a special report about Big Tech, California YIMBY, and State Sen. Scott Wiener, all of whom push a troubling “trickle-down” housing agenda that fuels gentrification. That includes SB 50 — California’s controversial, land-use deregulation bill. As the SB 50 battle unfolds, this revealing investigation connects the dots about the relationships and money ties between Big Tech, California YIMBY, and Wiener… (more)

Please read the article on the source and take actions if you can to help stop Wiener and SB50. We stopped SB827 and SB50 lsat year, but now we need to stop this plan for good. If you want to protect single-family housing in the state help us by stopping Scott Wiener and replacing him with Jackie Fielder. When Republicans choose a Social Democrat over a political that labels himself “Progressive” you know the labels are no longer relevant.

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