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Inside Livable California’s fight for single-family neighborhoods

January 26, 2020

By Marisa Kendall : mercurynews – excerpt

The anti-SB 50 group is trying to diversify, shed its NIMBY image.

As the state attempts to regulate its way out of a bone-crushing housing shortage, one group has emerged as the voice of residents and city officials who don’t want Sacramento taking away their power to control development in their neighborhoods — Livable California.

Not yet two-years-old, the small San Francisco-based nonprofit has already twice helped block Sacramento’s efforts to force cities to approve larger residential buildings. Now, as round three of the epic state vs. local control battle unfolds, Livable California is expanding its reach and unveiling new strategies it hopes will help kill Senate Bill 50 once and for all this legislative session.

The group is trying to shed the suburban, “NIMBY” image it has in some circles by diversifying its board, emphasizing concerns about the zoning reform bill’s impact on affordable housing, and aligning with anti-gentrification groups — even protesting alongside Oakland activists Moms 4 Housing earlier this month.

It is also ramping up its presence in Southern California, and working to become a truly statewide organization with local chapters…(more)

LC Article

Good article on the battle between the forces for and against local control. Watch what happens as the economy shifts and the population moves with it. We know there are a lot of empty condos on the market and developers are not building projects they are entitled to build. SB50 does nothing to persuade faster building on entitled properties. What is truly amazing about Livable California is that it has remained bi-partisan with Republicans, affordable housing groups, anti-tax liberals, and socialists rallying around concerns about the loss of liberties and choices of lifestyles. When you can fire up such a disparate group of people around a common goal you have accomplished quite a lot. Some of the candidates might take note of this.

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