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Silicon Valley leaders mull combining housing, transportation ballot measures

February 16, 2020

By Janice Bitters : sanjosespotlight – excerpt

Bay Area business and housing leaders are in talks over whether 2020 is the year when two ballot measures to fund the most critical issues in the region become one.

The advocates behind the potential regional measures — one on housing and another on transportation — have both been working on separate tracks for years to get their questions on the November ballot. But as the deadline approaches to finalize what residents will vote on, the groups are now “exploring” whether the two initiatives would fare better together following new polling data that suggests that may be the case.

One measure, known as FASTER Bay Area, is backed by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, the Bay Area Council and nonprofit urban planning thinktank SPUR and aims to raise $100 billion over 40 years through a sales tax increase and fees paid by major companies specifically to fund transit and transportation…(more)

Remember when growth was supposed to pay for growth through development fees? Those days are over, now you get to pay for the people who will displace you if you choose to support these bills.

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