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Mohammed Nuru investigation: Files for the 555 Fulton project disappeared off the city’s computer system. Here’s how that happened.

February 17, 2020

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

If you’re working the front door at the Department of Building Inspection, it stands to reason that, eventually, you’ll have to greet and offer directions to FBI agents — and subsequently inform your panicked bosses “they went thataway!”

FBI agents on Feb. 5 actually went against script, walking into the Planning Department headquarters on the 1600 block of Mission, next door to Building Inspection. Once within, however, they wandered — thataway — down to an area where the Department of Building Inspection stores its servers.

A Building Inspection spokesman confirmed to Mission Local that the FBI had dropped by for a visit — and little else. How many agents were there? “No comment.” How long did they stick around? “No comment.” Did they say what they wanted? “No comment.” Did they find it? “No comment.”

Your humble narrator learned, from more talkative sources, that the feds were there as part of the ongoing corruption probe that has, thus far, ensnared former Public Works boss Mohammed Nuru and restaurateur Nick Bovis. Specifically, they were there to peruse files regarding 555 Fulton, a mixed-use project owned by Chinese billionaire Zhang Li, whom Nuru boasted on a wiretap had gifted him “some stone” and a $2,070 bottle of wine…(more)

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