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Giving the supes more investigative power …

February 24, 2020

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Sup. Aaron Peskin, who has had trouble in the past getting reluctant witnesses to provide information to the board, is now moving to give a board committee the authority to issue subpoenas and demand sworn statements.

The Rules Committee will consider changes to the board’s operations Monday/24 that would allow the Government Audit and Oversight Committee, by a majority vote, to compel the testimony of witnesses, order the production of documents, and require that certain speakers testify under penalty of perjury.

The power is issue subpoenas is often critical to in-depth investigations, since witnesses today can simply decline an invitation from the board. Peskin tried for months to get internal records and testimony about the sinking Millenium Tower building, and the depth of the problem (and the city’s role in the fiasco) only became clear when he convinced five of his colleagues to join him in issuing a subpoena to a building engineer.

But that was – and remains – a time-consuming process.

The supes have an extensive investigative oversight function; as Peskin points out, the ability to find out what’s going on at City Hall is one of the board’s most important functions…(more)

Give the Supervisors the power to subpoena witnesses and protect whistle blowers and you might start to clean up the corruption at City Hall, or at least put a damper on it for a while. Thanks to all the investigative reporters who did the work of gathering evidence and sharing it with the public. Now it is up to the authorities to act on the documents you unearthed.]

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