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Corruption investigation means ethics training for all SF Public Works staff

March 4, 2020

By Phil Matier : sfchronicle – excerpt

Latest fallout from the ongoing San Francisco City Hall corruption scandal — the entire Public Works Department will undergo special ethics training.

“We want to ensure that all 1,600 Public Works employees have the tools and training they need to meet the ethical standards the city and state demand as they perform their work keeping San Francisco, clean, safe, beautiful and resilient,” Public Works Acting Director Alaric Degrafinried said…

“I’m not aware of any allegations of wrongdoing by frontline Department of Public Works employees, most of whom have nothing at all to do with contracting,” said Supervisor Matt Haney, a frequent critic of Public Works.

“The real problem has clearly been a culture of corruption at the top, and a bloated Department of Public Works that has little to no accountability or transparency,” Haney said…

Meanwhile, the Board of Supervisors’ Government Audit and Oversight Committee is scheduled to begin hearings Wednesday into Public Works’ contracting procedures… (more)

At this point, we are taking a high-level look at the practices in the awarding of work and procurement contracts,” said committee chair Aaron Peskin. “Everything from how they were written to how they were put out to bid.”… (more)

Just give some legal protection to whistleblowers if you want to uncover the truth about how the agencies and departments operate. The staff is the first to know.

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