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COVID-19: San Francisco and state eviction moratoriums don’t prevent no-fault evictions

March 17, 2020

By Joe Eskenazi and Julian Mark :missionlocal – excerpt

Supervisor Dean Preston on Monday posted on social media a snippet of a back-and-forth between attorneys representing a medically disabled Mission resident and the landlords using the Ellis Act to evict him and his wife — a dialog the legislator wrote made his “blood boil.”

When asked for an extension due to the onset of a plague, the landlords’ attorney was not amenable. “My clients are not willing to amend the agreement in any way,” she wrote. “It is not my clients’ duty to build protections for a pandemic or emergency. They are unwilling to extend the time, or amend the agreement to have stays of execution or extensions of time.”…

This move comes at a time of great flux and uncertainty during a global humanitarian, economic and health crisis. California courts have issued a patchwork of delays or out-and-out shutdowns, but it does not appear San Francisco eviction trials and hearings have yet been nixed — even while the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department this week confirmed it will no longer physically carry out evictions.

When asked if these cases would be curtailed, as others have been, spokesman Ken Garcia wrote “I’m told that unless there is a legislative change to the law regarding evictions, there is no change in eviction proceedings.”…(more)

I guess misinformation and false media is rampant. I thought I read that the Sheriff’s Department has suspended eviction proceedings during this crisis and that would mean ALL EVICTIONS. But, I that author may have been mistaken. I quit reporting on all the obvious news out there assuming that everyone now knows the details by watching non-stop news, but, perhaps I was wrong, since the news is becoming a gray area. It is important for us to share what we think is fact just in case it is fake news. If anyone sees any thing that appears to be a mistake please let us know. In this case, we are astounded and hope the Sheriff’s Department will clarify the current eviction policy.

Thanks to Dean Preston and all our supervisors who are trying to mitigate the damage being done to our citizens. And thanks to our intrepid investigative reporters who are digging deep for the details so that they may uncover the truth.

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