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COVID-19 killed Urban Density in 2020

March 28, 2020


People pushing dense urban developments are losing this year.

Who is going to support building more tight close quarters after being stuck in a micro unit for weeks? So many problems have been brought on by a government that ignores the present and operates in the future. When a disaster rains down on them they have no plan to handle it. Density proponents survive on the future promises they can pry out of the legislature. There is not much you can do to mitigate a crisis when you live in the future. I think the saying that is relevant is, “it is hard to drain the swamp when you are knew deep in alligators.” People who lived through hurricanes and floods in New Orleans mention the problem of the snakes moving in as well.

Many of us have taken a more cautious pragmatic approach all along. Many of our comments have pointed out the cracks in the foundation that the futurists are building their hopes and dreams on. Now is the time to be gracious and take quiet advantage of the slowdown many of us predicted. We anticipated the bubble would burst, just not this way.

The service industry is going to be in trouble for some time. Much of the gig economy is based on immediate gratification and some of that will disappear fro awhile at least. Many will want to change how they live and work after being cooped up for weeks. Employees have gained new skills working off-site and they may prefer to continue working at home, cutting out long commutes.

There is one thing we can count on for sure. The public that distrusted the government before will trust it less now. There are so many glaring mistakes, redundancies and inconsistencies in the system that there will be little respect left for any claims made by the leadership after this fiasco. How could the government’s PR professionals have gotten the messaging so wrong and confused so many people into not taking the threat seriously?

Density is out in 2020. There will be little support for greed and dense living will be up for review. We should be gracious and pragmatic. Seek support from the public to put a cap on dense developments with limited open space and parks. You never know when those shared spaces may become off-limits again. The only way you may have access to a yard is to rent or own one or live in a small suburban or rural community that has more trees than people. That option is starting to look good now.

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