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COVID-19 Changes the Initiative Landscape

April 4, 2020

By Scott Lay : capoliticalreview – excerpt

The hard, can’t be waived, constitutional deadline for initiatives is 131 days for the Secretary of State to certify it. (Art. II, Sec. 8(c)) That date is June 25. However, the counties have to tabulate signatures by May 1, although that date CAN be changed as it’s not in the Constitution.

The only ballot measure to qualify is the referendum to change money bail to risk assessment. (SB 10) Three others are eligible based on signatures: repeal of criminal justice reforms, split roll 2018, and expansion of rent control. Those are being held for negotiations with the Legislature and a modified split roll measure is currently in circulation.

There are 22 other measures in circulation. Of these, 8 have reached the 25% signature threshold when they must update their status. It’s pretty clear that the 14 that have not reached 25% have no chance. Of those that have, the stem cell bond effort has reportedly ended its signature campaign.

The other 7 reaching 25% include:

  • split roll 2020
  • medical malpractice (MICRA) cap lift
  • consumer privacy
  • dialysis
  • app-based drivers removal from AB 5
  • plastics reduction
  • sports-wagering from tribes and racetracks

I haven’t totaled up the money spent but it’s big….(more)

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