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Investors who let California homes sit empty could face fines under proposed law

April 5, 2020

By Hannah Wiley : sacbee

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Senate Bill 1079 would allow local officials to adopt ordinances to fine “in an unspecified amount” corporations and companies that leave residential buildings vacant for more than 90 days. The money would then have to be used for “homeless diversion, rental assistance and other affordable housing purposes.”… (more)

Looks like we should consider supporting this one? Homeless are moving into abandoned buildings to self-quarantine and avoid exposure during the crisis. See article below.


To avoid coronavirus, Sacramento homeless take drastic measure: moving into a vacant home

By Theresa Clift : sacbee – excerpt

As California’s mandatory “stay at home” order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus approaches the two-week mark, but with no new shelter beds yet available in Sacramento, three of the city’s homeless resorted to a drastic measure over the weekend: moving into a vacant house.

Sacramento police Sunday removed three homeless adults who had been living in a vacant Land Park home. The incident ended peacefully, as police detained the three adults in squad cars, cited them for trespassing and released them, while a group of activists watched and took videos.

But it could be a sign that a movement is brewing in Sacramento mirroring those in Oakland and Los Angeles, where homeless have moved into vacant corporate or publicly-owned houses, gaining national attention. Activists in Sacramento said more homeless individuals may seek shelter in vacant properties to avoid exposure to the coronavirus…

After the Moms4Housing outcome in Oakland, lawmakers proposed a state law that would fine corporations that let homes sit vacant for more than three months. Valenzuela said she supports that bill and urged Sacramento officials to consider a local version(more)


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