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Trove of text messages reveals Mayor London Breed ordered homeless sweeps directly — despite frequent denials

May 26, 2020

By Julian Mark : Missionlocal – excerpt (includes copies of documents)

As a mantra, Mayor London Breed has told the people of San Francisco that “we don’t do sweeps” — organized roustings of homeless people and their tent encampments, even if those individuals have no place to go.

But text messages exchanges between Breed, police Chief Bill Scott, and other staff — published after an anonymous public records request — show that the mayor frequently asks her staff, including the police chief, to “clear,” “clean,” and “fix” specific areas around the city — areas where, at times, she was merely going on about her day… (more)

2FacesThis disturbing new evidence exposes the two faces and voices of our mayor and puts City Hall on the hot seat,

Dismayed and frustrated citizens are taking this problem to heart by working with their District Supervisors to set up local areas for Safe Sleeping Sites. is gathering ideas for short and long term solutions.

The lack of trust in our government is evident on all fronts and is justified given the large number of corruption charges being brought against high level leaders. The question is not if they will lie to us. The question is how do we find leaders we can trust?

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