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How a permanent working-from-home scenario would harm San Francisco

June 5, 2020

By Larry Rosen : sfexaminer – excerpt

The depth of nothing good in this scenario is impressive

Good news, fellow shut-ins: This month, further apocalyptic events notwithstanding, we finally (temporarily?) will be OKed to emerge from our homes after three months, squinting into the sun like newborn mice, freed by mayoral writ from our Zoom meetings, ready to return to an altered state of semi-normal and eager to get back to work. But will things ever be the same?

Over the past decade the evolution of the white-collar workplace has been swift, from offices to cubicles to co-working and open spaces. Peering into the future, which of these will survive? Not hot-desking (open spaces) or co-working; they will likely become casualties in the new, careful post-pandemic world. But so could actual offices themselves, if the cheerleaders for the new Zoom-centric remote work paradigm are to be believed.

If there’s anything being touted as a “silver lining” in the whole COVID-19 morass, it’s that shelter-in-place has taught us that many more of us can, indeed, work remotely — including some who’d had no idea it was possible… (more)

Nothing good for real estate speculators, but much good for people who have discovered they can work at home and avoid the rat race of commuting to work, Much good for the people who have to commute, as they will have less traffic for a while. Much good for people who may be able to afford a place to live off the street if the rents go down and for people who wan to purchase a home and may take advantage of lower property values.

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