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Insider trading suspect gives consumers guidance on Coinbase blog, with his byline missing

July 22, 2022

By Jeff Elder : sfexaminer – excerpt

On Thursday a Coinbase product manager was charged in what prosecutors call the “first ever cryptocurrency insider trading” scheme.

The suspect, Ishan Wahi, is accused of secretly using information about which new cryptocurrencies the company was preparing to add to its exchange to then buy those coins before they were listed and the prices shot up.

In a bit of irony, Wahi wrote a blog post in March about the company’s “efforts to bring you more transparency and information for newly tradable assets, and how we’re introducing more tools and protections.”.

But his byline has disappeared from the post without an explanation, leaving the guidance of an insider trading suspect there for consumers who have no way of knowing about the author’s legal situation.

An expert on tech ethics at the University of Santa Clara said the post remaining on the company blog without a byline puts consumers in a bad situation…(more)

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