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SF Sues Feds For Forcing Laguna Honda Patient Transfers, Which Are Now Linked to Eight Deaths

August 4, 2022

By Joe Kukura : sfist – excerpt

Two separate lawsuits — one from SF City Attorney David Chiu, and another from former City Attorney Louise Renne — look to claw back federal funding being denied to Laguna Honda Hospital, as the death toll among transferred patients now stands at eight.

The bizarre forced-closure plan of Laguna Honda Hospital is not really a forced closure; the hospital had its Medicare and Medicaid funding yanked in April (and that funding accounts for two-thirds of its overall budget), and was forced to then submit a closure plan to move all 700 patients out while simultaneously working on a recertification plan that, if successful, would reinstate all the funding and bring everything back to normal…(more)

After 9 deaths, S.F. sues federal government over Laguna Honda transfers

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