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Gov. Newsom launches unprecedented review of San Francisco’s housing approval process

August 9, 2022

By J.K. Dineen, SFChronicle : msn – excerpt

“State of California declares war on City of San Francisco?
Who are our representatives representing?”

After a year of escalating warnings, Gov. Gavin Newsom is launching an unprecedented review of San Francisco’s notoriously lengthy and difficult housing approval and permitting process, aimed at identifying and removing barriers to construction of new residential development in the city.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development said Tuesday that it would focus on San Francisco for its first ever “housing policy and practice review,” a process that will dissect why the city has the state’s longest timeline for advancing housing projects and is the subject of the most complaints of Newsom’s Housing Accountability Unit. The unit was created last year to alleviate California’s housing shortage by forcing cities to follow state laws in approving and permitting new housing.

The action came a day after the state housing officials informed the city that the department had rejected the first draft of San Francisco’s housing element, a legally-required once-every-eight-year document that is supposed to lay out how and where California cities will build housing…(more)

When did the representatives San Francisco voters send to Sacramento and Washington DC to support our interests decide to turn against us? When did they decide it is their job to control us How long do they expect to stay in office when they attack us?

San Francisco is so far embroiled in legal actions or threatened with lawsuits by Senator Wiener, Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta. They is being heralded by Mayor London Breed, Planning Director Rich Hillis, and Supervisor Myrna Melgar for their efforts. Remember those names when they ask for money and support for re-election.

Our federal representatives are doing no better. Xavier Becerra, US Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, oversaw the movement of critically patients out of Laguna Honda while the hospital is under investigation and at least nine of the patients that were moved against their will have died. Where are Feinstein, Padilla, Pelosi and Harris? Why are they not helping us? Too busy with national business to support the people who put them in office?

If elevating our city officials to a higher office turns into a punishment for our city, we will have to be certain no more go anywhere again and the ones that are in office are replaced.

San Francisco famously just recalled four city officials and many are in the mood for more. Threats can go both ways.

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