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Foreclosures – CJ Holmes is a dedicated realtor intent on helping home owners by fighting foreclosure fraud.

KEEP OUR HOMES – EACH DAY, over 1000 California homes are facing Foreclosure Auction
STOP FORECLOSURES in California (sign the online petition)
Demand Gov Brown, AG Harris, & Congress STOP FORECLOSURES NOW
Stopping Foreclosures is the First Step to Keeping Our Homes
Second Step is to Insist our State obtain Correct Restitution

Detailed Instructions on How to fight Foreclosures

Federal Reserve promises assistance with foreclosures

FDIC Pays Bank to Foreclose –  “The government bailout in action. It’s the law of unintended consequences.”

Massachusetts Supreme Court voids foreclosures due to insufficient chain of title

Nine out of Ten Foreclosed Properties have Chain of Title Problems

A case in Point: The Donna Baran Saga:

Washington Mutual Bank v. Baran et al



Ralph Winterrowd interview with Donna Baran
MP3 Files: Hour 1, Hour 2
Playlist Files: PLS M3U
“Amazing Foreclosure information – invaluable – all foreclosures can be stopped – not easy – information provided by Donna Baran of Florida – Case 2007-30375-CICI in the Circuit Court, Seventh Judicial Circuit, Volusia County.”

“Do the Right Thing”

The problem with the economic quagmire we find ourselves in is not that nobody knows what to do; it is that nobody has the incentive to do the right thing. There is no a lack of money in the system. Corporations and banks are sitting on fortunes, but have no incentive to invest it in hiring people, so they do nothing. Congress is afraid of losing votes so they do nothing. The President vacillates between the public’s desire for jobs and the corporation’s desire for profits, so he does nothing.
There is proof that greedy banks instigated the real estate bubble and foreclosure fraud that started their own meltdown. The government bailed them but they have shown no gratitude. The Fed rate is below one percent, but banks don’t have any incentive to pass the low rates on to consumers, or negotiate lower mortgage rates on properties that have lost their equity due to bank shenanigans. They will do nothing without a strong court ruling or a tax incentive but Congress is afraid of looking anti-business by taxing them.
So we are left with the problem. Who will do the right thing to get the economy moving again?

Links to sites that are involved in issues regarding Foreclosure Fraud.

Grayson Alan explains the fraud on youtube

Christian Science Monitor


Last year in Kansas, an appeals court ruled that MERS does not have standing to bring foreclosure action on behalf of owners of mortgage notes archived in its system.
Landmark National Bank v. Kesler

The Market Ticker ® – Commentary on The Capital Markets
Posted 2010-10-11 22:05
by Karl Denninger
in Foreclosuregate
The MERS Edifice Quavers….
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