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The Moms made national headlines a few days later and their story became the subject of a 4 part series on NBC.

This is the 4 part series “ The Moms of Magnolia Street”, produced by NBC Bay Area.
During the arrest the the Moms were talking to Amy on Democracy now as the sheriff was breaking into the house, so news of the arrests and evictions was broadcast live.
Moms 4 Housing: Meet the Oakland Mothers Facing Eviction After Two Months Occupying Vacant House

Here are 10 ideas on what you can do with your Articles…once they are written!

‘Hotel 22’ – Homelss Shelter in Silicon Valley

Hotel 22 from The New York Times – Video on Vimeo.

Finding a home on Hotel 22
by Isabel Angell : kalw – excerpt – with audio
I’m on the Valley Transportation Authority’s Line 22 bus somewhere between East San Jose and Palo Alto. It’s 2:30 a.m., and it’s raining. I start a conversation with a man sitting down, and ask him if he’s heard the nickname for the bus.
“Yeah, well there’s the Motel 22 or Hotel 22. That’s the big one I’ve heard.”
I ask him what he calls the bus.
“I call it home.”…   (more)<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″

Sue Hestor and Dale Carlson explain The history of Prop M and what happened to the voter approved height and office space limitations.

PropM 1a – Sue Hestor and Dale Carlson on voter approved Prop M
PropM 2 – Post prop 13, there was a transit budget shortfall.
PropM 3 – The reaction to an earlier SF housing crisis lead to the anti-growth movement.
PropM 4 – High inflation and high interest was blamed for the high costs on housing that brought on the first Prop M.
PropM 5 – Cumulative effects of development projects are recognized as significant.
PropM 6 – Sue Hestor explains Prop M1 height limit controls.
PropM 7 – Priority policies were set with the passage of Prop M. Height limits were set to limit the growth of office spaces that was out pacing the housing for workers in San Francisco.
PropM 8 – The correlation between office space, housing and transit policies, and how SF authorities applied voter approved prop M office height limits. CEQA settlements paid for more actions.
PropM 9a – How land use conversions lead to massive cheating and loss of development fees in SF, while getting around growth limits set by Prop M
PropM 10 – Prop M aftermath. SF agencies are using old data and using various schemes to skirt voter approved limits.

Stuart Flashman and Calvin Welch discus how to fix Prop M.

PropM1Clip1 – Stuart Flashman explained how the judge explained why Prop M did not sufficiently protect Parkmerced, and suggested four steps that he felt would strengthen future legislative efforts to limit or control growth, or achieve a better balance between the growth in housing, jobs and transportation. Clip 1 of 2.
PropM1Clip2 – Clip 2 of 2.
PropM2Calvin1 – Calvin Welsh on the history of Prop M. What it was meant to do and what it does and doesn’t do.
PropM2Calvin2 – Calvin Welsh on the history of Prop M. What it was meant to do and what it does and doesn’t do.

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