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Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Can Go Forward, Judge Says

November 12, 2018

NPR – excerpt

A lawsuit accusing President Trump of violating the constitution’s emoluments clause can proceed, a federal judge said Friday. Never before has an emoluments case gone to trial in the U.S.

Federal District Judge Peter Messitte denied Trump’s request for a stay and ordered the two parties to begin the discovery process.

The ruling means the plaintiffs, the attorneys general of Maryland and Washington, D.C., have some power to obtain documents from the president and his business ventures. Trump notably has not released his tax returns and has maintained ownership of his businesses(more)


Governor Election Results: Democrats Retake Several States

November 9, 2018

nytimes – excerpt (includes map)… (more)

23 Democrats and 26 Republicans. Recounts are under way in Florida and Georgia so those states are undecided and may take some time to confirm.

Jeff Sessions forced out; acting Atty. Gen. Matthew Whitaker takes over Russia probe

November 7, 2018

Chris Megerian and Quentin Wilber : latimes – excerpt

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has resigned, ending a tortured relationship with President Trump and opening what could be historic fight over the sprawling criminal investigation that has clouded Trump’s White House tenure.

In a letter delivered to the White House, Sessions wrote that he was submitting his resignation at the request of the president, who has been highly critical of his attorney general since he recused himself last year from overseeing the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and whether the president himself obstructed justice in the matter…

With Sessions out, Trump may attempt to limit or end the Russia probe led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III…

A new attorney general could take control of the criminal probe, which has already led to guilty pleas from several of Trump’s former top aides, and restrict its budget or scope…(more)

First-ever woman named SF Muni chief

November 6, 2018

via First-ever woman named SF Muni chief

LA Voters to Consider Creating Nation’s First Municipal Public Bank

November 6, 2018

realnews – excerpt (includes video)

Some thoughts on how would a public bank work in LA.

A Los Angeles ballot measure could put the city one step closer to creating a public bank, which Phoenix Goodman of Public Bank LA says could help the city “transform banking from a source of evil” to a force that fights climate change and inequality.... (more).

Prop 10 Has Already Won

October 31, 2018

by Randy Shaw : beyondchron – excerpt

Building Momentum for Future Tenant Victories

Last week’s poll by the Public Policy Institute of California that had California’s Prop 10 trailing badly (60% say they will vote no) led some to conclude that a big defeat would set back the state’s tenants movement. But Prop 10 has already proved a huge step forward for tenants. In fact, Prop 10 has done more to build local and statewide tenant activism than any other measure since an earlier Prop 10 in 1980 unsuccessfully sought to repeal all rent control laws.

Here’s what Prop 10 has already accomplished:

  • Built Tenant Power in Los Angeles
  • Momentum for Ellis Act Reform…
  • Labor Backs Tenants…
  • Prop 10 Set Stage for Future Victories…

Yes on 10 has run a remarkably people-powered campaign for greater economic justice against billionaires who are spending a small portion of their vast fortunes to keep California unaffordable. That is the unalterable fact that Prop 10 has exposed. This acute economic unfairness should prove the foundation for legislative efforts in 2019 and a return to the ballot with another tenant-related measure in 2020… (more)

LA tenants organizations have been working on empowering tenants through a number of election cycles. Their work is having an effect. Now they need to do is get them to vote in greater numbers to take back control of the state legislature.

New law gives Californians extra time after eviction: David Chiu’s bill hopes to curb weekend eviction ambushes… (more)

Mayor London Breed and Marc Benioff joust over Prop. C from opposite sides of massive room packed with city’s elites

October 31, 2018

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

A truly massive gathering of the city’s elite today took inthe surreal spectacle of Mayor London Breed and Marc Benioff firing verbal cannonades at one another from opposite stages.

The 2018 Silver SPUR Awards Luncheon was held in a big room. A comically big room. The walk down the hall to the restrooms must have been 150 yards; it felt like a gag lifted from a Noël Coward farce set in an oversize baronial manor.

Not only was the room at Moscone Center West big, it was full of big shots — 1,600 of them. San Francisco’s elected officials and high-level bureaucrats and captains of industry and developers and all the lobbyists and expediters who grease the gears of the city’s machinery were on hand.

They took in a hell of a show…

San Francisco is a town that’s lousy with symbolism these days. This is the costliest town in America, serving as bedroom and playground for some of the nation’s wealthiest CEOs and their workforces — and yet human misery is all too apparent on every street corner. The city’s elite, in their finery, hop-scotched over human effluvia and over sleeping men and women to attend today’s grilled chicken-with-pita bread-and-dolmas-and-tabouleh-and-hummus-in a red cabbage bowl event…(more)

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