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Public Banks

Advocates Outreach New Public Bank Toolkit to educate people about Public Banks

Learn what public banks can do during a crisis.
Follow Pubic Banking Institute. Assemblymember David Chiu just announced AB 310 – legislation to establish the California State Bank. The voters supported a ballot initiative to establish public banks in California and this is the legislation that will fulfill their wishes. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Public Banking has been around for many years but not many states have embraced it until recently. Find out more about public banks and the candidates who support them.

Jackie Fielder is running for California State Senator in District 11, San Francisco and North Marin Counties, to replace Senator Wiener. She supports public banks in California and is working to establish a public bank in San Francisco.

Emily Peyton is running for Governor of Vermont as an independent. She began her political forays on the promise of public banking, supports a Vermont public bank and just monetary systems.

John Avalos is running for a second term as Supervisor in District 11 in San Francisco. He has been promoting public banking since 2011. As Supervisor, Avalos created the original concept for the public bank and later served on San Francisco’s Public Banking Task Force.

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