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Oppose SB35 Protect Local Control over Zoning in the state of California

Government Overreach is killing our communities. Stop SB35.
If you have any contacts around the state, we could use some help in stopping SB 35. Contact me if you need more specifics on this. This bill has something for everyone to hate. We need people all over the state to reach out to their assembly members to stop this bill.

1. The sign-on petition: The goal is to get at least 1,000 signatories.

2. Call the Committee Members to oppose SB 35:

3. Attached is an updated template for letters on SB35 for hearing next week.

3. Template letter to be edited:  SB 35 template letter




National Resistance Movements: Pick your battles

Specific resistance actions and information sites, for ongoing reference.
For alerts to call legislators on national issues: Daily Action
For local, rapid response alerts from PHDC allies (like last week’s airport rallies for immigrant rights): Bay Resistance
The Indivisible Guide, written by Capitol Hill legislative aides to share what kind of resistance works in DC: Indivisible  (or watch the video.)


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