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Yes! Build a Public Bank in SF — Task Force meets next week

May 25, 2018

Zac Townsend writes emphatically in the San Francisco Examiner that “San Franciscans deserve a public bank, one that invests The City’s money into local projects that reflect our values. San Francisco has nearly $10 billion we store on the balance sheet of big banks that could go to capitalizing a public bank.”

For those in the area, Public Bank SF is asking folks to come out to the Municipal Bank Task Force meeting next Thursday, May 31, 3:00 – 5:00 at City Hall to “make sure the task force stays on task to create a public bank that is focused on equity, social, racial, economic and environmental justice.” Facebook event here… (read more)



Newsom strategy: Face Republican in the fall by knocking Dems out in June

May 23, 2018

Grassroots Actions

By Matier and Ross :sfchronicle – excerpt

Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom is firing off a double-barrel blast of TV attack ads aimed at fellow Democratic rivals Antonio Villaraigosa and John Chiang, all with the goal of helping Republican John Cox win the No. 2 slot in the upcoming primary.

“We are trying to keep them pinned on the mat,” said Newsom campaign spokesman Nathan Click…. (more)

Trusting the polls has been known to fail recently. Newsom should talk to Hillary Clinton about how well it worked for her. There are a lot more people in Southern California than in the Bay Area and they can easily take back control of Sacramento if they vote in larger numbers than they have recently. There are are also a lot of voters who have dropped out of the parties, making it harder to predict how they will vote. Negative campaigning could…

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Weekly endorsements for June primary

May 21, 2018

By Pleasanton Weekly editorial board : eastbaytimes – excerpt

No on Regional Measure 3

It’s election time once again, and although these midterm primary campaigns haven’t generated as much intrigue as we’d see in a presidential election year, there are nonetheless a handful of important topics on the ballot for Tri-Valley voters this June…

Regional Measure 3

Regional Measure 3 asks voters in nine Bay Area counties to approve three successive $1 increases in bridge tolls on all Bay Area bridges except the Golden Gate Bridge, and thereafter tolls would be increased with the rise of the Consumer Price Index. To pass, a majority of voters in each county must approve the measure.

The new tolls are expected to generate about $4.5 billion for transportation projects throughout the Bay Area. Some projects in or near the Tri-Valley stand to benefit, most notably reconstruction of the Interstate 680-Highway 84 interchange south of Pleasanton and Tri-Valley transit access improvements.

While RM3 would secure funding for those vital local projects, we believe the toll increases — along with the implementation of inflation escalators — ask for too much and attempt to leverage the public’s frustration over bad traffic to disproportionately penalize bridge commuters, a small fraction of voters and therefore an easy target… (more)

Hearing held to discuss Hunters Point toxic cleanup discrepancy

May 17, 2018


Media by ABC News : youtube – excerpt

Hearings held Monday called for the retesting of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard after allegations surfaced of fake soil samples that were collected.

City leaders echo residents’ calls to retest Parcel A at Hunters Point Shipyard

by Laura Waxmann : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco officials pushed for a complete retesting of the Hunters Point Shipyard on Monday in a search for assurances in a radiological cleanup riddled with allegations of fraud.

The U.S. Navy is in the midst of formulating a work plan governing the retesting of areas of the shipyard where radiological remediation work was conducted by its contractor, Tetra Tech, after an internal review last year found nearly half of the soil samples produced by the firm were potentially falsified or manipulated. A review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made public in April revealed the fraud was potentially even more widespread.

“I want the U.S. Navy to commit to testing Parcel A,” said Supervisor Malia Cohen, whose district includes the shipyard, at a much-anticipated public hearing on the botched cleanup held at the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee on Monday.

Dozens of Bayview Hunters Point residents have urged the Navy to test the soil under the homes on Parcel A for toxic residue… (more)

San Francisco Chronicle editorial agrees: San Francisco should have a Public Bank to leverage the power of its own money

May 15, 2018

publicbankinginstitute – excerpt

San Francisco’s Municipal Bank Feasibility Task Force comes under pressure to provide a truly ethical and full-powered alternative — a Public Bank — in an article by Zac Townsend in the San Francisco Chronicle. He calls on the public to take a stand:

“There already are indications from presentations and conversations that the task force is backpedaling from a public bank structure and instead considering half measures, such as a revolving loan fund. Such a fund — instead of a public bank — wouldn’t begin to leverage the power of San Francisco’s public funds. It would just leave them at big banks. …

“San Francisco has an obligation to manage public funds to prioritize environmental responsibility, fair labor practices, and affordable housing, among other principles.” …(more)

We started studying Ellen Brown’s proposal when she convened a small group of  supporters at a meeting in the East Bay and have watched the movement grow since. Investigating the formation of a Public Bank was the issue that launched zrants. We are pleased to see a possible state or municipal bank may be coming soon to San Francisco and/or California. Creating a local banking system seems like a wise decision now and we trust that the people who establish the banks will be capable and wise enough to avoid any risky ventures with and investments.

Vote your values with your dollars: Support an SF public bank
News of the postal banking bill spurs several reports

Stopping Facebook at SF General Hospital

May 13, 2018

By Sarah Lapidus : 48hills – excerpt

Rally seeks to end company deals with medical centers — oh, and we’re sick of the name, too

People rallied Saturday at the San Francisco General Hospital, to demand that patients’ personal information stay private and to protest the newly proposed policies in the federal department of Health and Human Services that critics say discriminate against LGBTQ community members.

The rally happened a month after CNBC exposed Facebook’s secret talks with hospitals requesting patients’ data and the day after news broke of the breach of personal information from 900 patients at General and Laguna Honda hospitals… (more)


John McCain warns that Republicans are on wrong side of immigration debate

May 10, 2018

By Laurene Gambino : theguardian – excerpt

Arizona senator laments return of ‘old fears and animosities’ in new book and has no regrets about giving Steele dossier to Comey

Republicans are on the “wrong side” of the immigration debate, John McCain says in a forthcoming memoir, published as he has retreated to his ranch in Arizona but is still delivering blunt assessments in Washington.

On Wednesday night, McCain tweeted that the attitude to torture of Gina Haspel, the nominee to become head of the CIA, whose confirmation is in the balance after a bruising Senate hearing earlier in the day, was “disturbing … and disqualifying”. He called on the Senate to reject Haspel’s nomination…(more)

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