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Newsom wants to investigate SF’s housing crisis. Here’s where he could start.

August 11, 2022

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

A state review might want to evaluate the failures of the market and the lack of funding for affordable housing. Anyone think that will happen?

In a weird way, I’m kind of glad that Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to the state to investigate his former home town’s housing approval process. For starters, if there in fact have been problems in approving new housing, a lot of them happened when Newsom and his chosen successor, Ed Lee, were running the city.

Specifically, it was Lee’s determination to convince dozens of tech companies to move here and bring thousands of high-paid employees—without any clue, any plan, and discussion at all, zero, of where to house them—that was the proximate cause of the latest in this city’s long housing crisis…

The investigation (supported by Mayor London Breed) comes just days after the state Department of Housing and Community Development sent the Planning Department its comments on the city’s draft Housing Element, which is based almost entirely on fantasy.(more)

If you are having trouble getting through the rest of this article and getting into the RHNA weeds, all you need to know is that the voters have the option of voting some of these state and federal officials who are blaming their constituents for our lifestyle choices and for not obeying their open of thought. It may be a good time to remind these people that they are supposed to work for us not the other way around by voting them out of office.

Gov. Newsom launches unprecedented review of San Francisco’s housing approval process

August 9, 2022

By J.K. Dineen, SFChronicle : msn – excerpt

“State of California declares war on City of San Francisco?
Who are our representatives representing?”

After a year of escalating warnings, Gov. Gavin Newsom is launching an unprecedented review of San Francisco’s notoriously lengthy and difficult housing approval and permitting process, aimed at identifying and removing barriers to construction of new residential development in the city.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development said Tuesday that it would focus on San Francisco for its first ever “housing policy and practice review,” a process that will dissect why the city has the state’s longest timeline for advancing housing projects and is the subject of the most complaints of Newsom’s Housing Accountability Unit. The unit was created last year to alleviate California’s housing shortage by forcing cities to follow state laws in approving and permitting new housing.

The action came a day after the state housing officials informed the city that the department had rejected the first draft of San Francisco’s housing element, a legally-required once-every-eight-year document that is supposed to lay out how and where California cities will build housing…(more)

When did the representatives San Francisco voters send to Sacramento and Washington DC to support our interests decide to turn against us? When did they decide it is their job to control us How long do they expect to stay in office when they attack us?

San Francisco is so far embroiled in legal actions or threatened with lawsuits by Senator Wiener, Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta. They is being heralded by Mayor London Breed, Planning Director Rich Hillis, and Supervisor Myrna Melgar for their efforts. Remember those names when they ask for money and support for re-election.

Our federal representatives are doing no better. Xavier Becerra, US Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, oversaw the movement of critically patients out of Laguna Honda while the hospital is under investigation and at least nine of the patients that were moved against their will have died. Where are Feinstein, Padilla, Pelosi and Harris? Why are they not helping us? Too busy with national business to support the people who put them in office?

If elevating our city officials to a higher office turns into a punishment for our city, we will have to be certain no more go anywhere again and the ones that are in office are replaced.

San Francisco famously just recalled four city officials and many are in the mood for more. Threats can go both ways.

‘Rotten to the Core’: San Francisco Could Get Sued Over Housing Gridlock, Says Legislator

August 7, 2022

By Annie Gaus : sfstandard – excerpt (includes video)

Senator Wiener makes some wild accusations that are hard to believe.

How many lies can you count? A lot of accusations with no specific details. Scott has outdone himself this time. He does not appear to be planning to run in San Francisco again as he goes out of his way to malign the city he is supposed to support in Sacramento.

Appeals court issues temporary stay, putting hold on People’s Park construction in Berkeley

August 7, 2022

abcnews – excerpt (includes video)

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — An appeals court has temporarily stayed all planned construction and further demolition, tree cutting, and landscape alterations at People’s Park in Berkeley unless the alterations are necessary for public health and safety reasons.

The request to stay the erection of a security fence was denied..(more)

SF Sues Feds For Forcing Laguna Honda Patient Transfers, Which Are Now Linked to Eight Deaths

August 4, 2022

By Joe Kukura : sfist – excerpt

Two separate lawsuits — one from SF City Attorney David Chiu, and another from former City Attorney Louise Renne — look to claw back federal funding being denied to Laguna Honda Hospital, as the death toll among transferred patients now stands at eight.

The bizarre forced-closure plan of Laguna Honda Hospital is not really a forced closure; the hospital had its Medicare and Medicaid funding yanked in April (and that funding accounts for two-thirds of its overall budget), and was forced to then submit a closure plan to move all 700 patients out while simultaneously working on a recertification plan that, if successful, would reinstate all the funding and bring everything back to normal…(more)

After 9 deaths, S.F. sues federal government over Laguna Honda transfers

Advocates: Cutting High Speed Rail Out of Climate Bill Was a Mistake

August 3, 2022

By Kea Wilson :sfstreetsblog – excerpt

The Democrats’ controversial decision to axe funding for high speed rail from their blockbuster climate bill has some advocates wondering what it will take for lawmakers to finally understand the environmentally transformative potential of the mode — both for decarbonizing long distance travel and the larger movement to end car dependence more broadly.

Sustainable transportation advocates were outraged last week when news broke that the Senate’s $700-billion Inflation Reduction Act would contain zero guaranteed money for shared transportation while pouring billions into consumer subsidies for electric cars…(more)

I’m going to make a wild guess and consider that the reason for cutting the funding is based on the new propensity for supporting less expensive projects where they feel they are getting “more bang for the buck. That is why San Francisco loses out on the HUD funds we are told. It costs too much to build in SF so the fed is funding housing in less expensive localities.

Interest Rate Hikes Will Not Save Us From Inflation

July 30, 2022

By Ellen Brown : scheerpost – excerpt

Rather than making money harder to get, the U.S. government needs to focus on the other side of the demand vs. supply inflation equation.

In prescribing cures for inflation, economists rely on the diagnosis of Nobel laureate Milton Friedman: inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon—too much money chasing too few goods. But that equation has three variables: too much money (“demand”) chasing (the “velocity” of spending) too few goods (“supply”). And “orthodox” economists, from Lawrence Summers to the Federal Reserve, seem to be focusing only on the “demand” variable.

The Fed’s prescription is to suppress demand (borrowing and spending) by raising interest rates. Summers, a former U.S. Treasury Secretary who presided over the massive post-2008 bank bailouts, is proposing to reduce demand by raising taxes or raising unemployment rates, reducing disposable income and thus people’s ability to spend. But those rather brutal solutions miss the real problem, just as Summers missed the crisis leading up to the 2008-09 crash. As explained in a November 2021 editorial titled “Too Few Goods – The Simple Explanation for October’s Elevated Inflation Rates,” we don’t actually have too much consumer money chasing available goods:..(more)

Why they claim that the housing supply is the problem for housing costs but don’t see the same issue with other goods is beyond me. Nothing will work until the cost of fuel and food goes down and raising interest rates will not help the supply chain. The problem is exacerbated by the high costs of transporting the goods and that is the fuel costs. We need a fuel tax holiday and a much stiffer penalties for price gaugers, in my opinion.

Sea Level Rise and Environmental Justice

July 30, 2022

By KQED News Staff – (subject starts at 6:48)

Sea Level Rise and Environmental Justice

In the coming decades, rising sea levels will cause portions of the San Francisco Bay to flood. One worst-case scenario predicts that the bay could rise by 10 feet by the end of this century. Not only will that flood homes, but new research is focusing on the industrial sites that will be affected — from hazardous waste treatment facilities to landfills and refineries.


  • Ezra David Romero, KQED climate reporter
  • Arieann Harrison, Marie Harrison Community Foundation founder and CEO
  • Eduardo Martinez, Richmond Vice Mayor (D)

Joe Manchin Agrees To Sweeping Legislation To Raise Taxes On Wealthy, Invest In Climate

July 27, 2022

By Kevin Robillard and Igor Bobic : huffiest – excerpt

The proposed legislation, called the “Inflation Reduction Act,” will raise taxes on the wealthy to fund investments in climate and health care.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said Wednesday he’s reached a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on a sweeping $740 billion package to increase taxes on the wealthy and invest in climate and health care while also reducing the deficit.

The agreement, now dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act, has the blessing of the White House and rescues much of the Democratic domestic policy agenda from the trash heap Manchin seemed to put it in just two weeks ago…

Final details or text of the legislation were not yet available, but Schumer and Manchin outlined the broad strokes of the agreement…(more)

Insider trading suspect gives consumers guidance on Coinbase blog, with his byline missing

July 22, 2022

By Jeff Elder : sfexaminer – excerpt

On Thursday a Coinbase product manager was charged in what prosecutors call the “first ever cryptocurrency insider trading” scheme.

The suspect, Ishan Wahi, is accused of secretly using information about which new cryptocurrencies the company was preparing to add to its exchange to then buy those coins before they were listed and the prices shot up.

In a bit of irony, Wahi wrote a blog post in March about the company’s “efforts to bring you more transparency and information for newly tradable assets, and how we’re introducing more tools and protections.”.

But his byline has disappeared from the post without an explanation, leaving the guidance of an insider trading suspect there for consumers who have no way of knowing about the author’s legal situation.

An expert on tech ethics at the University of Santa Clara said the post remaining on the company blog without a byline puts consumers in a bad situation…(more)

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