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This Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

December 16, 2018

By Ellen Brown : truthdig – excerpt

With what author and activist Naomi Klein calls “galloping momentum,” the “Green New Deal” promoted by Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., appears to be forging a political pathway for solving all of the ills of society and the planet in one fell swoop. Her plan would give a House select committee “a mandate that connects the dots” between energy, transportation, housing, health care, living wages, a jobs guarantee and more. But even to critics on the left, it is merely political theater, because “everyone knows” a program of that scope cannot be funded without a massive redistribution of wealth and slashing of other programs (notably the military), which is not politically feasible…

The Public Bank Option: The Precedent of Roosevelt’s New Deal

Infrastructure projects of the sort proposed in the Green New Deal are “self-funding,” generating resources and fees that can repay the loans. For these loans, advancing funds through a network of publicly owned banks would not require taxpayer money and could actually generate a profit for the government. That was how the original New Deal rebuilt the country in the 1930s at a time when the economy was desperately short of money… (more)

Ellen Brown and the Public Banking Institute:


Minneapolis, Tackling Housing Crisis and Inequity, Votes to End Single-Family Zoning

December 14, 2018

via Minneapolis, Tackling Housing Crisis and Inequity, Votes to End Single-Family Zoning

Sweeping regional housing plan under construction

December 13, 2018

By Laura Waxmann : sfexaminer – excerpt

An ambitious regional housing plan aiming to create 35,000 new housing units throughout the Bay Area is raising concerns among advocates and some Bay Area officials over gentrification and a lack of local controls.

Born out of an 18-month planning effort amongst developers, elected leaders, transit officials, tech representatives and other stakeholders who joined forces as the Committee to House the Bay Area [CASA], the 10-part “Compact” plan was approved by the CASA steering committee on Wednesday.

Officials hope to eventually see the package of proposals —which focus on accelerating regional housing production while creating tenant protections, bolstering infrastructure and raising $1.5 million per year to support these goals — translated into state law. The CASA Compact is expected to move before the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission next for a vote…

The funding would be raised annually from taxpayers, property owners, developers, employers and local governments throughout the Bay Area through a series of proposed taxes and managed by a Regional Housing Enterprise, created under the plan and governed by MTC and ABAG representatives, among others… (more)

Wait till the add the Trump administration’s Opportunity Zoning Program to the deals. Entire neighbors will be re-classified as blight to take advantage of the tax breaks and incentives. Read all about it: Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Could Profit From Tax Break They Pushed


Marin Voice: Companies need to take responsibility for housing shortage

December 12, 2018

By Barry Phegan : marinij – excerpt

Hiding behind the public narrative of “housing shortage” lies an ongoing corporate pattern of dumping costs on others. They’re doing it now with housing, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is cooperating. It’s time we changed the playing field. Here’s my suggestion.

No problems exists in a vacuum. Causing the “housing crisis” is bulging growth in jobs and accompanying office space, creating a major imbalance… (more)

How Urban Renewal Destroyed The Fillmore In Order to Save It

December 12, 2018

via How Urban Renewal Destroyed The Fillmore In Order to Save It

A new housing ‘compact’ looks a lot like a developer’s dream

December 10, 2018

via A new housing ‘compact’ looks a lot like a developer’s dream

More Lawmakers Looking into Banning Cashless Restaurants

December 10, 2018

New York City council member is proposing that the city outlaw businesses that don’t accept cash, the Associated Press reports.

Democratic City Councilman Ritchie Torres represents a part of the Bronx where one in four households have no bank account, the NY Daily News said. Citywide, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers lack a credit or debit card… (more)

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